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Magical Girl Academy is a series of interactive novels about teenagers chosen from across the galaxy to attend a unique and beautiful boarding school for young people with magical powers. At the Academy (and its sibling school, the Academe Magia, which hosts male and nonbinary students) pupils study the subjects they’re most interested in, train to fight a steady incursion of extradimensional evil, and occasionally end up with enormous crushes on their fellow classmates.

 Here’s a link to the most recent release:

The novels complement each other, but can be read out of order- they each have a totally different feel.

In the first book, the player character is a soft femme girl named Imogen Rose, who’s bubbly and optimistic, and her love interests are archetypically adorable.

The second book’s player character is Lucy Angel, a glittery social butterfly with five parents who’s too rad to be cis, and all her friends are monstergirls who keep their backstories close and their nightmares closer.

Readers of the third book will inhabit the role of Verdie Vestri, a young war heroine and natural leader who hails from a castle on the seaside cliffs. Her companions are capable, gorgeous, and prepared to fight enemies by her side.

In each book, you get to choose which girl the player character falls in love with, as well as what they study, what weapons they use to fight monsters, and where they go on field trips. If you like cute books about queer teens being happy, you’ll love Magical Girl Academy!

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Don’t worry, friend. I’m sure Donnie’s face will be around my blog plenty even if he isn’t my icon/url anymore.

See? The cute puppy eyes implore you not to be sad.

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Shelley Wyant directing HOT L BALTIMORE for The New School for Drama. Highly passionate and devoted woman. 

Photos by: Hani Skafi

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In my Poetry Class we had a prompt to write about our favorite place as a child, and this is where I thought of! :)

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Reblog if I’m allowed to send you in character asks even if we have never talked before.

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This feeling, I don’t want to lose it. So I’m hiding the sun in my center, so she can keep me warm when I come home. I’m taking this girl back with me. More alive than she’s felt in a while.

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'Paterfamilias' by Ravyn LaRue


You’re more paternal than my dad.

It’s kind of a scary thought.

Knowing how cruel a loved one can be-

Then coming to school and seeing the kindness of a supposed stranger.

It’s terrifying, really, that I would tell you so many things I would never tell my father.

You have pride in me, and that is an honor.

He might have a smidgeon in the bottom of his heart, but it lies dormant.

From the first time I sang he claimed I couldn’t.

You gave me opportunities that have changed my life.

It isn’t merely black and white, and this is odd in itself.

But you helped me and gave me the support I needed in a time of darkness.

That really means the world to me.

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'Blue' by Ravyn LaRue


Blue, baby, I’m sorry I killed you.
I was young and stupid and didn’t value life.
Just out back, I was stomping on ant-hills, failing to comprehend the damage I caused.
You were different, I loved you so.
I had all but forgotten until the picture I saw of the most beautiful fish, Frusciante.
Such a pretty thing, as were you.
I danced for you without knowing it, in the melancholy waves of song.
And it’s beating, look it’s still beating, though your heart stopped long ago.
I’d make it up, but I cannot.
Humans are just awful.

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'Mirror' by Ravyn LaRue


My legs are like tree-trunks, and I like them that way.
My hair is obnoxious, but I’ll cope.
I like my eyes, deep blue like the sea, though they disappear when I laugh.
My hands are small and don’t fit into gloves, but they are soft when they are held with care.
My breasts are mutilated and disproportionately little, yet I like them nevertheless.
I am beautiful, of course, and I’m glad of my existence in this stout little body of mine.
I am who I am and I shall never change for anyone else in this world.
For, I am me and it is I who decides what I should look like and be.
I’m proud of myself for this epiphany of adoration and embrace of the self that I am.

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'The Pawn Shop' by Ravyn LaRue


Last night I dreamed I was at the mall

In a pawn shop, buying back our belongings

It was a pathetic sight, even I knew that, at the time.

To be so poor that I longed for old menial things.

A backpack, your shirt and a hat.

I think it was Grandaddy’s, at least that was justified.

I spent money I had saved so valiantly on things that should have stayed ours.

And the man said when I called him out,

"So sweet that you miss your mom so much, you would do something so droll."

This must mean something, but it really doesn’t matter.

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'Hey Sweetheart, Where You Been?' by Ravyn LaRue


Rebirth in the petals

Waking up

Last night’s makeup, smeared from crying

I could never wash it off

A sign tattooed on my wrist

A spiritual thing

No voice lost

No bloodshot eyes

Merely an embrace of beauty and a newly vivacious spirit

This is a wondrous feeling

It should happen more often

It gives me the courage to pluck up and address my future

An awakening-

It’s lovely!

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we all have that character that makes us want to climb on top of a roof in a public location and whip out a megaphone and clear our throats dramatically and announce “hello citizens today is a good day and I am here to tell you about a FANTASTIC fictional dork”.


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There was so much love in that moment! <3 <3 <3

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Shuffle poetry- writing to a shuffled playlist.


I urge you to listen to these songs as you read, maybe.

Megan // My Autumn Empire

Like the kind of running you do,
in a grey day
Sky high up and hues of the wheat
And grass
Growing as the only bright colors
Winter, running
Hair slipping out if a hair tie
And the footwork making you forward
And back
To both run and wait up for a friend.

Kala // Yann Tiersen

And the song switches-
A night cafe
Music making heat and flames
A dim roar,
Emanating your legs long after his
Have leaned and left-
Against yours.

In a Notebook // Goldmund

And now your kinds of tired,
Twenty three.
And she,
White sheets
Slipping new arms into a onesie,
Fastening clasps,
And feeling warm breath
Beg life back into a heart
That always hoped
She could fathom a new moth as
Lovely as this one.
The most beautiful poem,
She thinks she’s ever written.

Anything you Synthesize // The American dollar

You’re wearing a sheet, ghost to me
You live in a sheet, home to me
20 minutes-